Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Writing tips when you haven't got much time to write

Break down tasks into doable chunks - how long will each task take?
Are you saying what you want to say?
Are your findings telling us what we know?
Spend one minute only on a particular task - then tick it off your list so you feel like you've accomplished something
Tick off a sentence when you are happy with it
Tick off a paragraph
use a thesaurus
Correct your typos
Re-read your favourite sections to help keep you motivated
Schedule enough time to do it, at a time when you are most productive
Re-read documents, if you're having problems motivating yourself re-read your best received work
Do some background reading of study skills and writing books
Get help
Listen to feedback
Book yourself on writing courses
Use dictation machine
Use positive self talk methods - 'My writing is improving and I am writing more productively each day'

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