Friday, 17 October 2014

A year since Mum died

It is a year and a day since Mum died and I know that she would be so proud of me today.  I can officially announce that I have started work with the Alzheimer's Society - their Training and Consultancy arm - as a Dementia Trainer.  Mum had breast cancer, not dementia though.  The care and services she got towards the end of her life were outstanding, particularly the hospice care.  It is this sort of service and care that I want to see for everyone at the end of their lives which is why I am so enjoying my new roles, as I am in a privileged position being able to train people about how we can help people with dementia live well with the condition.  I am not just working at the Alzheimer's Society as this is a part time temporary role but also working for myself, as a consultant, on the latest research on social media, co-production, innovation and quality.  I do hope though that my relationship with the Alzheimer's Society is a long and fruitful one - together we are stronger is my belief.

Thank you for your support...

Next week I am going to the Alzheimer Europe conference where for the first time I will be meeting the inspirational Julie Christie who has helped me so much over the past two years. Karen Watchman, Clarissa Giebel and Nathan Davies will be there - great contributors to the phenomenon that is #demphd on Twitter, that myself and Julie set up nearly two years ago.  I will also be meeting Caroline Bartle, another incredible innovative whirlwind, another tweep that I now consider a true friend, she knows me so well - we are staying in the same place so hopefully those creativity juices will get going and we'll be changing the world together! 

There are a lot of people that I need to thank who have been there for me through this difficult decade, who would not like their names published on the internet.  But I am thanking you now - you know who you are.  And with your support and despite the problems, health issues, deaths and hiccups we have achieved, together, quite a lot.  Long may life continue!

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